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The Pearl of Africa

Geography and Climate

Uganda is located in Eastern Africa and shares borders with Kenya to the East, the Democratic Republic of Congo to the West, South Sudan to the North, Tanzania to the South, and Rwanda to the South-West.  
It is one of the few countries that enjoy good weather with temperature averaging between 23°C and 27°C, although it can drop to between 12°C and 18°C at night in some areas. The country experiences dry seasons, when there is generally no rainfall, and wet seasons when it gets generally rainy. The dry season is typically from December/January through to mid-March and from June through to mid-September and are very popular with tourists.

Uganda is a diverse country with a variety of cuisines both local and continental. The most common local cuisine especially in the Central, Western, and South Western Parts of the country comprises of Matooke (green bananas), which are peeled, boiled or steamed and mashed in banana leaves. The mashed matooke can be served with beans, beef stew, G.nuts, or chicken stew. Posho is also a common dish in Uganda and can also be served with stews and beans. It is made by mingling corn flour in boiling water. There are other popular cuisines in Uganda especially consumed by tribes in the Eastern, Northern and North-Eastern Parts of Uganda, which include for instance millet bread made out of millet flour served with any stew or beans. Cassava, sweet potatoes, and yam, are also foods that are widely eaten in Ugandan homes and local restaurants. They are also usually served with stews.
Potatoes are also widely eaten but mainly as “chips” or French fries, by mainly urban folks. The fries are usually served with fried chicken or fried fish. You will also find along the streets of Ugandan towns and urban centres stalls of a common and popular snack known as “rolex”- a wrap of a tortilla or chapatti wrapped on fried eggs and vegetables.   
However, many restaurants and hotels offer continental dishes for Asian, European and North American visitors.

Uganda is a culturally diverse country, with multiple tribes and ethnicities scattered across the country. Each tribe has a unique cultural identity, language, a distinct set of customs and traditions. While most tribes are not, some are organized under cultural heads or “kings” whose duty it is to unite his tribesmen, preserve their language, customs and traditions. A special case is a tribe in South-Western Uganda, the Batwa, which continues to live in primitive, natural ways of life, and another in North Eastern Uganda, the IK.

The true definition of Hospitality

Peace and Security

Uganda is generally peaceful, secure, and tranquil. The crime rate in Uganda’s cities and towns is very low compared to those in other African cities, and although the country experienced civil wars in the past, it is in the present time secure and from corner to corner. The country takes special interest in the safety of tourists, and to add an extra layer of their safety, there is a police division dedicated to the safety of tourists especially in game parks; plus, each park has game rangers assigned to the safety of tourists in the parks.  

The most popular destinations are: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which is popular for gorillas; Kibaale National Park, which renowned for chimpanzees; Rwenzori Nation Park, which has excellent Mountain sceneries, and Lake Mburo National Park, which is a hub of Zebras, and Queen Elizabeth National Park which is known for the tree-climbing lions.

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