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Chauffeur Drive Services

Our Chauffeurs are resourceful, quality conscious and believe in giving service with a smile whenever you are traveling with them.

Self Drive Options

We offer a wide range of vehicles, well maintained ranging from economical to luxury cars for you to choose for your trip and traveling comfort.

Online Booking

Click, start your engine and let your adventure begin.  Avoid the queues and save time by making your reservations online.

Outstanding Services

Vuga Uganda will always be there to take

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care of your needs. We welcome all clients at excellent rates, a superb fleet of cars and great Customer service.

Across the Country

We have several offices in almost all major towns in the country. Your convenience

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is our priority!

24 Hours Support

We value you so we pledge to always be there always. One call does it all. Call us at +256- 779001586 today!

Enjoy your ride with VugaUganda Today!

Your Convenience is our Priority!

No matter where business takes you, the agency will be there to take care of your needs. Vuga Uganda welcomes all clients from all walks of life. We provide competitive rates, a superb fleet of cars to make your selection seamless and

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quality customer service! Enjoy the ride…

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